The M-Care 2018 training programme kicked-off

The M-Care 2018 training programme, organised by the EATG and Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF), launched its first module on March 22 to 25 in Sitges, Spain. It has been a great start for 20 training participants that have enrolled from all over Europe: Greece, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and Germany. The M-Care programme is directed at empowering advocates and treatment activists from migrant communities in Europe to foster healthcare access for migrants and to fight stigma and discrimination towards and within the communities.

During the first module of the programme participants discussed about ways to overcome barriers typically faced by migrants regarding access to HIV prevention and testing services. Two more modules of the programme will take place in Frankfurt (25-27 May 2018) and in Warsaw (5-8 July 2018).

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