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EATG, CoPE Project

CoPE - Continuous Patient Education


The CoPE project is a funding mechanism that enables the production and translation of patient education materials, brochures and other resources related to HIV/AIDS & co-infections in multiple languages. The project aims at empowering people living with HIV/AIDS and their advocates by providing access to the latest information about HIV/AIDS and co-infections in their local language. Being able to refer to up-to-date and reliable information adapted to the local situation is essential in the dialogue with clinicians, health administrators and policy makers.


With whom?

Any community-based organisation in the European and Central Asian region dealing with prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and co-infections can apply to CoPE.



The production and printing of materials is coordinated by the local community organization that has received the CoPE grant. The resource is then distributed through different channels, nationally, regionally and locally, e.g., to hospitals and maternity services, NGOs, Opioid Substitution Therapy services, libraries, government agencies, HIV screening centres and clinics and prisons.


For what outcome?

CoPE supports publications which:

  • Promote necessary, objective, reliable and up-to-date knowledge and skills about HIV/AIDS and co-infections among patients, patient groups, groups at-risk, and healthcare providers.

  • Raise awareness and appreciation of facts and issues related to HIV/AIDS treatment among people living with HIV (such as women, men who have sex with men, injecting drug users, sex workers, migrant communities and other groups).

  • Offer objective, scientifically accurate, high-quality, patient-focused and user-friendly overview and summary of relevant health and treatment information on specific and generic HIV-related topics and issues.

  • Engage, support and empower local HIV-positive communities for the preparation and development of necessary and relevant treatment materials.


An archive of the materials funded by CoPE is available:

EATG contact person(s):Chiara Longhi –

Duration of the project/initiative:Started in 2001 – ongoing

Project/Initiative Leader:EATG

Project/initiative Main Partner(s):n/a

Budget:Varies by year / call for applications

Main Funding Sources:Within various project budgets


Communication Disclaimer:Depending on the funder

CoPE has been independently developed by EATG, and was made possible through sponsorship from ViiV Healthcare, Gilead Sciences and Bristol-Myers Squibb. EATG acknowledges that the sponsors have not had any control or input into the structure or content of this project.

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