EUPATI, European Patients' Academy

EUPATI - European Patients' Academy

The EUPATI Toolbox on Medicine Development was devised and developed to help patient experts, patient organizations and advocates understand and participate in the processes of biomedical development and research. The involvement of patients in clinical trials beyond being mere participants is a new and laudable trend that actually originates from the HIV field. Not surprisingly, EATG members and the EATG Secretariat have played an instrumental role in setting up and developing the EUPATI Toolbox from 2012 onwards.


Now available in 9 languages, the EUPATI Toolbox features a wide array of information and materials intended to facilitate the work of trainers, but also to help the general public orient themselves in the processes and key concepts of pharmaceutical development. In addition to the description and analysis of the stages and processes of clinical trials and biomedical research and development, the EUPATI Toolbox also offers some basic materials on patient advocacy and policy involvement.


The EUPATI Toolbox has been developed and is maintained with a rigorous quality assurance process that involves all stakeholders involved in medicine development: patient groups, regulators, academia and the pharmaceutical industry. All stakeholders have equal rights in the authoring and content review processes, thus making sure that all materials are objective, scientifically sound and unbiased.


The EUPATI Toolbox contains more than 3,500 articles that can be searched according to keywords or the core topics (called “Categories”) in medicine development:


Another straightforward and effective tool in the EUPATI Toolbox is the collection of educational videos and webinars. Developed continuously by the Editorial Team, the collection of webinars focuses on the learnings and experience of patients and their communities in the medicine development process. Practical examples and theory are merged into a consistent curriculum. Also, the EUPATI team of editors and content developers is here for your patient group to organize and host webinars on any topic in patient education with EUPATI knowledge but tailored to your disease specific needs.


Mini-courses or starter kits for various topics relevant for an improved knowledge of patient advocates are also available in the Toolbox. These, together with a detailed manual for trainers, contain all the essential information needed for any patient group to organize a shorter course on the given topic. Additional materials for further research and course development are referenced within the starter kits.


The collection of images and charts, all diagrams and materials, even the entire Expert Training course can be downloaded from the website free of charge and under the Creative Commons license. This allows users to adapt, use and recycle EUPATI materials as long as proper credit is given to the original source, i.e. the EUPATI page or material should always be referenced.