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Monitor and Evaluation internal EATG webinar

EATG Theories of Change Webinar

EATG Webinar Tracking and Documenting

Speakers Bio

Ian Hodgson

Ian Hodgson is a consultant researcher and lecturer involved for 20 years in the HIV sector. Areas of interest include: HIV stigma, cultural determinants of HIV prevention, HIV treatment access, adolescents living with HIV, and advocacy. He has worked in a range of locations in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and much of his work involves project monitoring and evaluations. Most recently this included a final evaluation of the ‘Asia Action on Harm Reduction’ project, and a mid-term review of the Africa Regional Programme (‘KP Connect’), both led by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (UK). Ian is a member of the Executive Committee of the European HIV Nursing Network, a PhD supervisor for students undertaking health-based research, and delivers a module on global health advocacy at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Ian Hodgson
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