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M-Care 2018


About M-Care Programme:

The M-Care 2018 training programme was organized in collaboration by the Africa Advocacy Foundation (AAF) and the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG). The goal of the training was to empower advocates and treatment activists from migrant communities in Europe to make a difference by fostering a stronger involvement of migrant communities in the provision of healthcare services, research, access programs, and early testing initiatives; as well as by fighting HIV, HCV, and TB related stigma and discrimination towards and within their community.


M-Care 2018 consisted of three training modules organized throughout 2018:

The training covered the following topics:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of HIV, viral Hepatitis and other co-infections and migrant-specific barriers to service access

  • Clinical research and migrant community participation in clinical research

  • Psychosocial aspects of HIV, stigma and discrimination

  • HIV prevalence among migrant communities in Europe

  • Healthcare systems and legal environment for migrant healthcare access

  • Advocacy in the context of migrants’ access to healthcare services

  • Project management

Target Group of the Training

The main target group of the M-Care training programme were advocates and treatment activists from migrant communities across Europe. However, we also considered applicants from non-migrant backgrounds if they were actively involved with patients, migrants, refugees etc. and can demonstrate that the training would empower them to initiate practical actions towards engaging migrant/patient communities, and influencing policy and practice within their regions or European countries of residence.


Specific Requirements:


  • Participants must have significant ability or be in position to influence policy and practice on HIV, Hepatitis and TB in their immediate community or country of residence in Europe.

  • Participants must be in contact with or actively involved with migrants/patients on healthcare issues and in particular those around access to testing, treatment and care for the above conditions. This may include running a patient support group, working in a community setting, acting as an advocate, researcher, supporting refugees etc.

  • Participants must demonstrate that the training will empower them to initiate practical actions towards engaging with migrants and fostering their participation in the access to healthcare services. They must clearly indicate what they want to get out of the training programme.

  • Participants must clearly outline the tasks they plan to accomplish to strengthen the capacity of their local migrant community and commit to their implementation during and after the programme

  • Participants must commit to attending all three modules of the programme


Travel and expenses

We have arranged for travel, accommodation and onsite food expenses to be paid in full for the training participants. Per diems, as such, will not be provided. Please do not make any individual arrangements, as those can’t be reimbursed.

News about M-CARE


This initiative has been independently developed by AAF and EATG, and was made possible through sponsorship from ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd, MSD and Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd. AAF and EATG acknowledge that ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd., MSD and Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd. have not had any control or input into the structure or content of the initiative.

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