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Fellows of the EATG’s successful STEP-UP Training not only learn about the theory of HIV treatment literacy and advocacy, but are also expected to propose and implement follow-up projects after graduating from the training. This year’s graduates have proposed interesting projects in order to make a lasting imprint on their local HIV settings, based on the new skills and knowledge acquired during the training.

The EATG is proud to support the following initiatives in the next project period:

  • Tajikistan: A project focusing on the creation of a group of mobile outreach consultants to work PLHIV in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

  • Tajikistan: A project supporting the creation of a platform for organizations providing HIV related services to promote the rights and interests of young women living with HIV in Tajikistan

  • PrEP-Up – Creation of 5 informative videos targeting different communities in collaboration with civil society organizations that represent these communities in order to initiate a youth advocacy platform around PrEP access and sexual health of young key populations in Europe

  • Serbia: – project contributing to improvement of HIV treatment efficiency by developing and providing ongoing peer support in Infection Clinic in Belgrade to PLHIV based on individual case management.

  • Germany: – educational videos in the two most spoken languages among refugee/migrant community in Göttingen, Germany: Arabic and Russian. The target group consists of vulnerable individuals who are unaware of health care providers.

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