Step-Up 2017 Participants

Bryan Flederus / Брайн Фледерус

Bryan Flederus from The Netherlands. 

I love to work, I have been managing my own companies since I was 18. And very proud of that. In may 2015 I got diagnosed with HIV. A very sad period in my life followed, I had to accept the fact that I was 'incurable ill' what was very hard. 

After I shared my story with others, things got better. I want no other person to go trough such bad feelings, so I turned my experiences around and now I am an activist against HIV-stigma and I lead the dutch community of young people (>27) living with Hiv. 

The STEP-UP program helps me to increase my knowledge about HIV and other STD's and how to be a better activist and community leader. 

Aleksander Chebin / Александр Чебин

Александр Чебин, 38 лет, Екатеринбург, Россия. Является руководителем проектов в Региональном общественном фонде "Новая Жизнь". В настоящее время внедряет сервисы по тестированию, профилактике в сфере ВИЧ, гепатитов и обучению в местах лишения свободы

Manuel Maffeo / Манюэль Маффео

I'm Manuel, I'm 25 years old and I am from Italy and live in Siena.

I'm a LGBT actvist really involved in the HIV issues especially as far as the MSM community.

I'm really happy to be part of STEP-UP 2017, It's a great adventure! 

My motto is "It's a kind of fun to do the impossible".

Malgorzata Paliwoda / Мальгорзата Паливода

Psychologist, Clinical Sexologist, HIV/AIDS Educator, Addiction Therapy Specialist. In her clinical practice she counsels and therapises people PLWHIV and drug addicts. She educates clients before and after their HIV tests in free of charge anonymous testing. Active member of Pomeranian NGOs, author of local projects, workshops and lectures increasing HIV/AIDS awareness and preventing HIV infections.

Ksenia Babihina / Ксения Бабихина

Несколько лет назад поняла, что хочу заниматься социально-полезными делами, ушла из коммерческой сферы, в которой работала ранее, и стала сначала работать волонтером в «Коалиции по готовности к лечению» (ITPCru). Изначально все казалось темным лесом, очень трудно было запомнить названия препаратов и комбинации схем лечения, но сейчас уже могу скороговоркой их говорить… - пока не появляются новые  ̶ д̶и̶н̶о̶з̶а̶в̶р̶ы̶ препараты с их, порой, экзотичными названиями).  

В адвокации есть небольшая сложность: не всегда понятно, являются ли те или иные события – следствием именно твоей деятельности, какая твоя эффективность. Приходится это принять и продолжать работать, спрашивая себя, доволен ли ты сам, что ты сделал и что можно сделать еще.

Robert Lawlor / Роберт Лавлор

I became active within the HIV community since my diagnosis in 2012. I found my adjustment to living with HIV difficult due to the side effects of medication, living in a deafening silence, and the incessant fear of being 'outed'. I was determined to turn my HIV story around and make a better life for myself and others living with the condition. I set up Ireland's first one-on-one peer support network in Ireland's busiest sexual health clinic. I became an event organizer in the social group organization, MeetUp Plus Friends. This organization sets up events around Ireland for people living with HIV, such as cinema trips, walks, running sessions, and a very popular drinks night. Other projects included creating visibility around HIV, the issues surrounding HIV and informing the public about their important role in overcoming these issues. To create a platform in which to discuss these issues I became Mr. Gay Ireland in 2014 and continue to work within the LGBT community. To further my credibility and augment my platform for HIV activism, I am currently completing a masters in Sexuality Studies. I wish to use my experiences being a participant of EATG's Step Up programme and working with various U.K. NGO's such as Stop AIDS, Youth Stop AIDS, and Restless Development, to implement effective strategies to break the stigma surrounding HIV both nationally and globally.

Artur Dobrinin / Артур Добрынин

Меня зовут Артур! Я работаю психологом в ННО "Ишонч ва хаёт"  по предоставлению психологических, социальных услуг ЛЖВ в Узбекистане, моя деятельность направлена на помощь, поддержку больных в выходе из сложных ситуаций.

Vera Larina / Вера Ларина

Меня зовут Вера, я из Казахстана. Живу в маленьком городке Темиртау.   Начала работу в организации консультантом и спустя уже несколько лет, понимаю, что люблю больше всего именно это.   Устанавливать доверительные отношения, общаться и помогать другим - все это даёт мне право надеяться, что я не зря живу...

Mark Josef Rapa / Марк Джозеф Рапа

After graduating in law from the University of Malta and being admitted to the Bar in Malta, Mark has read for an LLM in Health Care Ethics and Law at the University of Manchester. His main interests revolve around the intricate relationship between law and ethics in healthcare; selection of embryos, infectious diseases, and clinical trials, in particular. In his own right, he has written two dissertations, the first, ‘The criminal law on HIV transmission’ (2015), covering the laws of Malta, the UK, Italy and Canada, and the second, more recently, ‘Is there a moral obligation to create the best possible child?’ (2017) focusing on the law in England and Wales which prohibits the implantation of ‘disabled’ embryos when others are available. As a member of the Policy group within EATG, Mark has kept himself updated about the legal developments and barriers which citizens living with HIV have to face on a daily basis in their respective country. A firm believer in rational thinking and objectivity who needs to, have a rough idea of what the end result of what is being proposed is to look like, and that the best ideas and strategies come up over a bottle of wine.

Daniil Stolbunov / Данил Столбунов

Даниил Столбунов, 19 лет, сооснователь «Объединения подростков и молодежи «Teenergizer». Координатор адвокационного направления, со-председатель международной коалиции молодежных организаций The PACT. Равный консультант для ВИЧ-позитивных подростков, студент Киевского медицинского колледжа. 

Walter Byaruhanga / Вальтер Биаруханга

My name is Byaruhanga Walter. 

I'm an African immigrant living in France. I'm an advocate for awareness about HIV/AIDS among the African  immigrant community mainly the (Sexual Minorities and the LGBT)  living in France. 

Louis Chaidron / Луис Шайдрон

I recently got my master in law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, and I'm very interested in the legal aspects of HIV, from HIV criminalization to access to treatments. Being part of the STEP-UP academy by EATG is a great opportunity to meet activists from all over Europe and Central Asia, and to gain more knowledge on HIV-related issues. Together we can end AIDS and stigma, so let's do it! 

Armen Agajanov / Армен Агаджанов

I`m human rights activist, openly homosexual living with HIV based in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2015 involved in LGBT and HIV/AIDS activism and since 2015 representing PLHIV in Country Coordinating Mechanisms to fight HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis and Malaria. I believe, that we can build a safer future for everyone, combate homophobia and eliminate the HIV/AIDS only by speaking out about the problems by ourselves, especially in countries like Armenia. Taking part in STEP-UP is a unique experience, giving deeper knowledge and skills about HIV, and helping
local activists to be more professional and more educated, so protect the rights and advocate for the better future.

Оğuzhan Nuh / Огузхан Нух

I was born and raised in Turkey, I moved to Istanbul in 2012 to start my bachelor's degree in business administration. After learning I was living with HIV, my first instinct was to get informed and get involved as much as could so I could help myself then advocate for the new community I became a part of. I believe raising awareness among youth is crucial, in counties where Sexuality and Sexual Health is still a contoversiral subject to talk about and this is what I would like to focus on.

Salokhiddin Saibov / Салохиддин Саибов

Саибов Салохиддин, родился 24 апреля 1982 года в городе Душанбе, Таджикистан. В 2004 году окончил Таджикский Государственный Национальный Университет, факультет международных отношений.  

С 2011 по настоящее время являюсь национальным программным координатором в Таджикской Ассоциации планирования семьи, Член Ассоциации Международной Федерации Планирования Семьи (IPPF).

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