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SCOPE: PrEPafrik campaign (Portugal)






In February 2023, GAT – Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos published the PrEPafrik campaign. The campaign was translated and adapted from the PrEP campaign made by the Africa Advocacy Foundation. EATG’s SCOPE project funded the translation and production of these materials.

We talked with Willian Gomes from GAT.



What is the overall situation with PrEP in Portugal?


In Portugal, everyone residing for over 90 days has free access to PrEP, regardless of their legal status. However, obtaining an appointment can take up to 6 months, depending on the hospital. GAT, in partnership with Garcia de Orta Hospital, has initiated decentralised PrEP consultations in Almada. This approach aims to ease access for those in need and reduce the waiting time. Our experience shows that African communities are less aware of PrEP, yet they are among the most affected by HIV infections. We believe PrEP is a crucial tool in reducing HIV incidence within these communities.


Why was it necessary/needed to have the material translation?


Recognising the lack of PrEP information tailored to African communities, GAT adapted the African Advocacy Foundation’s PrEP campaign with SCOPE funding to launch Portugal’s first PrEP campaign for these groups. By using community models in the campaign and translating materials into Portuguese and Creole from Cape Verde and Guine-Bissau, we made the message more relatable and accessible.


What were the outcomes of the activity and how did you disseminate the information? To whom have you reached out?


Our efforts in translating and adapting materials have garnered significant community attention, reaching over 42,000 individuals in just 3 months through social media, emails, and printed content. Partnering with health and migration institutions has amplified our impact, making the campaign materials accessible to health services, migrant support organizations, and directly to communities. We continue to promote these materials to ensure widespread awareness of PrEP. Remarkably, by the end of 2023, the campaign extended overseas and was published in “A Nação” newspaper in Cape Verde.


You can find the materials on the side/bottom widget of this page.

You can download the materials also on GAT website:


Willian Gomes
Coordinator of the Migration and Health division, GAT – Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos

SCOPE: PrEPafrik campaign (Portugal)

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