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The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) -  is a European network of nationally-based volunteer activists comprising of more than 150 members from over 45 countries in Europe. Our members are representatives of different communities affected by HIV/AIDS in Europe. Since its foundation, the EATG has been at the forefront of the development of the civil society response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe. It represents and defends the treatment-related interests of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Our activities focus on treatment literacy and treatment advocacy. In the past few years EATG has increased its activities on co-infections such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B and tuberculosis. Our primary geographic focus is member states served by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Europe. However, European AIDS Treatment group considers all potential opportunities for collaboration and support of similar efforts in other parts of the world. Access to the best available treatments is a major goal for the EATG.


NeLP is the a regional network of community HIV advocates in the countries of Central and South East Europe (C&SEE) established in late 2011. The key issues and founding goals of the network are summed up in its Budapest Declaration.
The network includes Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. 
NeLP’s focus is currently on these key objectives: 

  • Promote better international awareness of Central and South East Europe as low HIV prevalence regions;

  • Develop strategies and activities that are effective and appropriate for low HIV prevalence settings;

  • Increase evidence-based HIV prevention programs;

  • Promote targeted HIV testing with counseling; and,

  • Ensure optimal access to treatment and diagnostics. 

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